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 Building community every way we can!

The majority of the PMC's operating expenses are are covered by member dues thanks in large part to our dedicated volunteers who generously give their time to make events happen. However, our community is larger than our small-but-mighty club.  In order to contribute to the greater community, the PMC hosts fundraisers throughout the year for various causes in Pacifica.  These non-profit organizations are chosen yearly by the board with the input of PMC members.

The PMC contributes to the following organizations:

Sanchez Art Center

Spindrift School of Performing Arts

Pacifica Friends of the Library

Pacifica Resource Center

Pacifica Education Foundation
The Pacifica Beach Coalition
...and many more...

Popular past fundraisers:

  • % of pizza sales - through Papa Murphy's or Round Table Pizza

  • beautiful custom hand made bouquets for Mother's Day

  • A holiday (Valentine’s Day or Easter) See’s Candies sales

  • Raffles at various PMC events

  • 4th of July Bake sale at Pacifica’s city-wide 4th of July Celebration

  • Mini family photo shoot

Photography Fundraiser

The PMC's most popular fundraisers are the Mini Family Photo Shoots held twice a year in a local park or studio.  Thought up by past fundraising coordinators, this fundraiser has evolved into our most financially successful fundraiser due to the large amount of member participation.  

The photo shoots are held in the spring (usually April) and late fall ( usually November) to correspond with Mother's Day and Holiday cards.  

Families that sign up select a 10 minute time slot to be photographed.  A local photographer is hired by the club and paid a small fee to take professional quality digital pictures of club members and their families.  Each family receives 7-10 un-edited digital files to print using the service of their choice. 

How do I sign up?
This fundraiser is open to PMC members, only.  Members will be emailed sign up information approximately 2-3 weeks before the photo shoots.  The sign up will also be on the PMC home page.  The time slots fill up very fast, usually within 24-36 hours, so act quickly if you are interested!

What should we wear?

Families look the best when they have a unifying color palette, but do not match completely.  Choosing comfortable clothing will help you look relaxed and natural in your pictures.  Also, think about how you want your pictures to feel.  If you want elegant and soft, maybe go for whites, grays, beige, soft blues or pastels.  If you want more fun, add a bright contrast color.

Refer to the color pallet for more inspiration! 

Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot: 
  • Make sure you, and especially your little ones, are well fed when you come.  Or bring snacks.

  • Leave lots of time to get ready and relax at the shoot sight before your time.  10 - 15 minutes is ideal and allowing your kids to watch another shoot may help them feel comfortable around the camera.

  • Have fun!!! Unfortunately 10 minutes isn’t a long time for pictures, but if you and your kids are having fun with each other that will come across in the pictures.

  • Bring props: a favorite stuffed animal, truck, train, doll, blanket, etc.  Anything to make your family comfortable.  But do keep in mind the 10 minute time frame.

  • Do a quick google search and see which posses you like the best.