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Exclusive Benefits


The PMC loves to party and we always seem to have something going on! From our weekend get togethers at local parks, to our quarterly ‘Bagels in the Park’ breakfasts, to larger scale events such as the Spring Fling and Holiday Party, there is lots of fun to be had for the whole family! Want to ditch the kids and let your hair down? We try to get out for monthly ‘Mom’s Night Out’ (MNO) get togethers too! Favorite MNO’s have been Quiz Night at A Grape in the Fog, Sing Along shows at the Castro Theater and trips to the ballpark to cheer on the Giants. Check the Calendar to see what’s coming up next!


Playgroups are the anchor that connects families to the rest of the club. When you join the PMC, you will automatically be added to a playgroup comprising other children in the same 6-month age range as your child(ren). Under the guidance of volunteer Playgroup Representatives, all playgroup members share the responsibility of hosting a variety of play dates that meet the needs and schedules of all families. “Play dates” can range from stroller walks or quiet in-home gatherings for families with infants, to playground meet-ups or pickup soccer games for preschoolers, to parents’-nights-out! Most playgroups meet weekly. The PMC also offers Special Interest Groups to connect families around a particular hobby or concern. For more information, contact the Playgroup Director.

General Meetings

Our General Meetings (held monthly at our local library) offer an opportunity to relax and socialize among PMC parents while learning about a topic that is geared toward our demographic.  Attendance is not mandatory but we encourage our Members to attend when able, as it offers a great opportunity to connect with other members. Favorite speakers in the past have spoken on family money saving tips, child development, keeping a marriage strong and dealing with difficult behavior in toddlers. See the homepage for information on our next meeting!

In-A-Pinch Program (IAP)

This special program was created for the benefit of new parents following the birth of their child and for PMC families faced with an emergency.  Our IAP Volunteers (Club Members) sign up to cook and deliver meals to IAP recipients. Generally, each family who signs up for In-A- Pinch receives 7-10 days of meals. Volunteers are requested periodically via our online forum and can select delivery days that work best for them. To receive In-A-Pinch meals, please email the IAP Coordinator. Advance notice is always appreciated but not required.

Discussion Forums

Our Email Forum is always abuzz with the latest events, Club-wide play dates and newfound resources and referrals. We even operate as our own classifieds, with for sale and for free items posted all of the time. Jump in and join the discussion!
We also have separate discussion forums for specific topics and interests. Our ‘Mentor Moms’ program offers support and advice on private forums on topics such as breastfeeding, dealing with loss, Sandwich Generation and cloth diapering. These forums are generated and driven by our members, so participation is crucial to keeping this benefit going.

Interest Groups

Art Moms: For those who love love all things Art!  With photography outings, pottery classes or visiting exhibits together.

Book Club: Our Wine, Women & Words book club is one of the strongest programs in our Club. They meet monthly at different member’s homes and always have a great time eating, drinking and catching up. They even talk about that month’s book sometimes too! Favorite books have been Fifty Shades of GreyGame of Thrones and Anna Karenina.
‘Crocheting Mama’ Club: Our Crocheting Club has a wide variety of skill levels in it and welcomes everyone from beginners to advanced Crocheters. Since creating this sub-group in 2011, they have enjoyed bi-weekly get togethers and have done both donations and fundraisers of their beautiful pieces.
Moms on the Move: This group has been going strong since the beginning of 2012 and offers a venue for PMC members to motivate one another in pursuing their fitness goals and to connect with each other for ideas and partnerships in fitness. Through this website, you will always find someone to hike, bike or even take a walk with.
Moms Who Cook: A great group of women who love to cook. In this email forum, you will find recipes, cooking tips and meal planning ideas.
Poker Night: Join this group in their monthly get together to play cards, chat and have a drink. The location changes monthly so watch the calendar and discussion board for info on the latest game night. 
To join these Interest groups, please see the FAQ.

Join us!

You will find that the more you involve yourself with our Club, the more you and your family will benefit.  So please jump right in, connect with your playgroup and come make new friends at the next meeting or event. Our website is a fantastic resource and if you are on Facebook, please join us there as well!