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Exclusive Benefits


Although COVID has impacted the PFC's ability to do what we love the most--organizing fun in-person events for kids and families--the club remains active and engaged in these unique times. We have hosted more than 25 virtual events and a small number of in-person, socially distanced activities over the past year. All other club benefits and resources remain accessible to members. We welcome new members to continue joining our supportive community of parents. If you have any questions please reach out to


The PFC hosts dozens of events each year. Current and past events include:

  • Seasonal parties such as our Spring Fling at Pastorino Farm, Fall Trunk-or-Treat, and Winter Party at Curiodyssey
  • Casual ‘Bagels in the Park’ weekend get-togethers at local parks
  • A semi-annual Clothing Swap where members trade their gently used baby and child clothing and gear
  • Monthly Art Events—fun art projects tailored to toddlers and preschoolers! 
  • New Member Social Mixers
  • Informational meetings and workshops featuring guest speakers and topics of interest to families
  • Adult Socials at fun venues around town!


Playgroups are the anchor that connects families to the rest of the club. When you join the PFC, you will automatically be added to a playgroup comprising other children in the same 6-month age range as your child(ren). With guidance from volunteer Playgroup Representatives, all playgroup members take turns hosting a variety of play dates to meet the needs and schedules of all families. 

Play dates vary and can range from stroller walks or in-home gatherings for infants, to playground meet-ups or pickup soccer games for preschoolers. Most playgroups try to meet frequently—once a month or more—and also keep in touch on social media. For more information, contact the Playgroup Director.

Music and Movement Class

Thanks to a special partnership with Spindrift School of Performing Arts, PFC members are invited to enroll in a special Music and Movement Class tailored to very young children (babies to preschoolers). This professionally-run, weekly class is offered at a deeply discounted rate available only to current PFC members.

In-A-Pinch Program (IAP)

This special program was created for new parents following the birth of their child, or PFC families faced with an emergency. Families can typically expect to receive between 5-10 meals, delivered by fellow volunteer parents. 

Calls for IAP volunteers are sent out periodically via our online forum. Volunteers can select the delivery days that work best for them. 

To request In-A-Pinch meals, please email the IAP Coordinator. Advance notice is always appreciated but not required.

Online Discussion Forums

Join the discussion! Our Email Forum and our member-only Facebook group are always abuzz with the latest events, play dates, and community resources and referrals. We operate our own Classifieds forum, with for sale and for free items posted frequently. There are also separate Interest Group discussion forums for special topics and interests.

Other Benefits

Membership in the PFC also grants you access to:

  • A 'Snow Closet' where you can borrow winter gear for weekend trips to the mountains
  • A Preschool and Daycare Directory
  • Comprehensive support and guidance through the Kindergarten enrollment process
  • Opportunities for service projects, volunteering, and fundraising for other local community organizations
  • And so much more!